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Once you know what your PURPOSE is, set your goals and do not ever walk away from your Dreams. Most people go unfulfilled through life and are never happy since all they do, is going through the motions.

Hollywood week gave me a lot of gratitude. I realized even more how much it meant to me that my husband and I was facing our future as a team. We had made plans for the last few years and are working towards achieving our goals. The momentum was the ability that we could shake hands with Rudy Ruettiger, watch the “Movie Premiere” of his documented life as a Hero who never lost the joy of his dream. What an honor it was to be able to take our picture with such a man. Both my husband and I are living proof that Jack Canfield’s “Success Principles” in business works. Not only can we say that we had met Jack and forever can I showcase a successful book collaboration with the man, but we could talk to him and have pictures to prove that dreams can be a reality.

Make your mark and let your choices be the destiny you set. Life is worthwhile because we have success and my team is my family! I had gained great insight into what I need to achieve in goals and nothing will stop me. I had become my authentic self and am proud that I can say; I have love with good family support and a future that Illuminate us as a strong Team.

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