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Over the past years, my family had been working on positive aspects to built each other up and preserve the unity so we grow together. There is nothing more rewarding but to have love and peace that exist in a home. Words have the power to hurt as well as heal.

Thoughtless speech is like a sword – Using words to inflict pain is common in this world. As individuals, we have to avoid this harmful practice. One example of “cruel words” is sarcasm, stinging remarks intended to belittle or rebuke others. Sarcasm is often meant to be humorous but it can quickly deteriorate into disrespectful, insulting speech. Cruel sarcasm is one form of abusive speech that we should put away. Instead, we should learn only what is good for building up as the need may be, to impart what is beneficial. It had become a habit that we show interest and thus have respect for the other’s needs. It had allowed us as individuals to have a more giving spirit in communication, love and to safeguard our unity. May you too have the joy of peace in your home!

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