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Contentment is the most difficult thing to achieve in life but worth striving for. Balance in all areas of your life certainly brings forth a sense of humility which is the greatest asset to succeed. Yes, we need to survive, and yes, we need to think of ways to improve ourselves but giving up on your dreams is losing your soul.

As with anyone else, I am striving to accomplish my goals and I think strategically. This past week I had been to LA and was blessed with the great Jay Abraham as my Mentor to school me and received incredible insight to align myself for collaborations to create greatness with “Preeminence” and how to utilize the “Geometric system”. It is about thinking outside the box and to get out of your comfort zone. I am an Author who loves story-telling but did a collaboration as a Co-Producer on the Jay Abraham Life-Story Movie. It was an Honor to enjoy amazing company for dinner at his home with the awareness that I deserve good things in life but to be responsible in sharing my knowledge and inspire good fortune to smile on others. Legends are not born, they are made. A new method of thinking will inspire your vision to soar to greater heights in opportunities.

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