Dr Robert M.Pick – Outpace The Competition.

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Dr Robert M.Pick – Outpace The Competition. Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 8 Outpace The Competition – To create a business of your dreams, you need a great team environment. Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. In his chapter, Robert encourages ideas for […]


Zander Fryer – Pursuit Of Purpose

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Zander Fryer – Pursuit Of Purpose Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 7 Pursuit Of Purpose – This is the position we all face at one or other point in our lives. From Electrical Engineering to The Airforce, until he discovered his Purpose in life; Or so he thought! It was a conversation with […]


Chris Jarvis – Dare To Be Different

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Chris Jarvis – Dare To Be Different Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 6 Dare to be different – Why be like everyone else? If you are different, you Stand Out! Chris, in his chapter, will show you how to implement a three part system with little or no cost. Knowledge is power; […]


Nick Nanton & JW Dicks – Authenticity

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Nick Nanton & JW Dicks – Authenticity Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 5 Authenticity – As Author’s, we are Story-Tellers! Now, over the past few years, I had to shift through the many fake online users and takers with many writers and entrepreneurs who in recent years asked; Romay what did you […]



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CONTENTMENT When we go on holiday or spend time with family; we seek the peace of mind and togetherness. Different people desire eminent ways to inspire loved ones but the whole idea is to have fun, recuperate and find rest for the soul. No man is an Island but sometimes we need to be […]



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HAPPINESS CONTRIBUTES TO PRODUCTIVITY Sometimes I think about my Husband and it brings tears to my eyes because I am so in love with him. Love is spiritual in the sense that we need Heart, Mind and Body. When our heart is in a good place, we are naturally happier. When our minds are at […]



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APPRECIATION Co-Author the book, “Mastering The Art Of Success” With Jack Canfield, evolved from a deep respect for the values he stands for and appreciation for what I had gained from the man himself. I had developed a persistent attitude of appreciation by focusing on what I’ve already received and achieved. I am thankful […]

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EXPECTATIONS When you want things to change for you, you must be willing to make changes within yourself. For those contemplating marriage, it is the value of how much you put in since life from then on consist of hard work. Even your dreams depend on your willingness to work for it because no […]

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JOY When we feel loved, we are secure and it contributes to joy in every expect of our lives. The world is unpredictable and it can overwhelm us on a day to day basis and when our peace is threatened, we lose our joy. In one way or the other, as human beings, we […]

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