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PURPOSE OR DREAM As with most cases in life, it may take time to evolve your true Purpose in life. But if we already know what our dreams are, it makes ideas to work toward that goal so much easier and visualization can create your reality. When we do what we enjoy, and what […]



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EMBRACE CHANGE We live in an ever-changing world, whether we perceive it or not. “Change is the only constant in life”. Many consider a change to be negative because it is easier to stay in their comfort zone, rather than to expand. The reality is, it’s the change we create and the risks we […]


MY MISSION; Live with Love and Joy

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MY MISSION; Live with Love and Joy Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break and acknowledge yourself for your success. Love or Fear is your only choice to make. Love is a free choice to decide the kind of life we wish to live. “My Passion is to Inspire Dreams”. This world has […]



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STORY TELLING We all have a story; Some through life experiences of trial and error and yet others through fun and exploring the world. I, on the other hand, had my fair share of hardship but my positive attitude triumph above it all which made my first book a challenge in creativity and expressive […]



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SELF-LOVE The idea of “loving yourself” may seem selfish or egotistical because we are so used to directing our love outward instead of inward – to our significant other, our children, our parents, and our friends. When we attempt to show self-interest, our inner critic starts whispering in our heads, telling us we’re not […]



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OUR PHILOSOPHY The way we look at life needs to change. In this world, as it is today, there are 4 levels of living in which; If you are in level 1, you survive on less than $2 a day. Although this took decades to understand, it was a philosophy adaptation to create for […]



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LIVE TO EXPRESS, NOT TO IMPRESS What anyone thinks, does not matter, It’s how you feel that matters. Surround yourself with positive people and live on Purpose. There is nothing more Real then your dreams and your desires as you wish them to be realized. Put spring in your heart, invest in your future, […]



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ALIGNMENT Contentment is the most difficult thing to achieve in life but worth striving for. Balance in all areas of your life certainly brings forth a sense of humility which is the greatest asset to succeed. Yes, we need to survive, and yes, we need to think of ways to improve ourselves but giving […]


THE MISSION: Enlightenment

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THE MISSION: Enlightenment When we become responsible, we realize how futile it is to complain and play the blame game. We make the choice and decide what it is that we need and how to move on from there. If you had gone through a divorce like I had, So much appreciation is an […]


THE MISSION: Responsibility

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THE MISSION: Responsibility I know all too well what anger and frustration can do to you. There are no clear vision and direction and we are prone to repeating the same mistakes because we are blind. Responsibility means to; Give up excuses, Give up blaming, Give up complaining, and take control of your life. […]