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When we go on holiday or spend time with family; we seek the peace of mind and togetherness. Different people desire eminent ways to inspire loved ones but the whole idea is to have fun, recuperate and find rest for the soul. No man is an Island but sometimes we need to be alone to find ourselves.

Although my husband and I love Tuscany, we, however, thought that this summer we will travel North in Finland. Along the way, we enjoyed the incredible friendliness and was amazed by the hospitality of the Finnish Artist Ilja West who captivated us with his stories and artwork on display in Sysmä. The many Villages, the spectacular Lakes and small Islands were breathtaking. Nature can teach us so much about the beauty of life there is to enjoy. One of the ordinary people who contribute much to my way of thinking is my mother-in-law Maija-Liisa. She had challenges with cancer, family and the lack of self-motivation, but she is still standing and I love the fact that she confesses to still many improvements she needs to balance. These are the imperfections we can admire and the love and joy as a family that leads to our contentment.               Like:   Follow:   Follow:

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