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Yes, I am a Dreamer. But what you Project, is what you Attract. All my life I act upon the feelings of Freedom and live life on Purpose. I took the Success Principles to heart and always worked hard on improving but I never once considered giving up or walking away from making my dreams come true.

Do not get me wrong; Success is not MONEY, It’s achieving balance in all areas of your life. Most of my adulthood, I had been accused of thinking that I was better than others. Even my own family accused me throughout my childhood that at the tender age of sixteen, I decided to be on my own in pursuit of my dreams and live my life free of those standing at a distance judging but never getting to know me. Now, who is laughing because I achieved becoming the whole individual I always dreamt of being. I am Proud of my giving spirit and living the Passionate, loving marriage I always knew I deserved.

I had accomplished a fine spiritual family on the path of growing and working towards improving our unity. My desire is to inspire other families, young couples and those marriages, seeking ways to rekindle old feelings. We are meant to live happily and fulfilled lives.  Dream Bigger Dreams.   Follow:   Like:   Follow:

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