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Every women’s desire is to be loved, to be appreciated, to feel needed, and to be spoiled by the man she loves. So, why would you question the man’s motives if he brings you flowers or buys you that special gift he thought you deserved? A man does not want to feel like he had done something wrong and that’s the reason you think he was doing it. No man wish to feel guilty about doing something nice for the woman he loves.

Yet, that is what I had been asked this past week. Do I not get tired of my husband telling me that he loves me. Do I not feel enough is enough? But, when is love enough? All my adulthood, I had only been used for what fools thought I could bring to their lives with no consideration of who I was or what I needed. So, NO! I do not get tired of my husband’s love. I know my self-worth and I deserve his crazy affection since I had earned that madness we share. It is what makes us happy and it is who we are as a couple. I had always known what kind of love would make me feel whole, Now, I have that and nothing and no one will convince us otherwise. The best thing about us is what lies ahead as we are dreaming bigger dreams, together!

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