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The way we look at life needs to change. In this world, as it is today, there are 4 levels of living in which; If you are in level 1, you survive on less than $2 a day. Although this took decades to understand, it was a philosophy adaptation to create for me.

Why does it matter? We are more likely to think anyone who doesn’t have a certain quality of life is “poor”. Especially if we look down on others like it is not our concern. Life for those on level 2 is significantly better and even harder to comprehend from level 4 unless you know to look for it. But insight will help us better understand the world. We need to overcome our innate biases and help to support that gap, put things in perspective and think what we can do. This world can be bad but it can also be better.

We have a history of ignorance and these are just instincts of us that make us human and that overcoming them isn’t easy. I had developed patience and a none judgmental attitude. I had grown to improve and came to realize that sharing what I had learned can be fun when it is in a clear way to allow people to think. Life is all about what you are willing to give!







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