Passion For Life

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Passion For Life

I am Inspired to live my dream and be happy with the choices I made now! It’s not what we choose to do, the point is doing it with positive and an altruistic motivation. Inner peace helps sustain good health and give rise to happy individuals and happy families.

My husband and I always work as a team but as individuals, we have different interests and very different tastes, likes and dislikes. BUT, we try to infuse some of our passions for the other to understand why we love them. Over the years he had come to appreciate my love of Art, The Theatre and Classical Music. Mid-February, we went to see the Ballet “Swan Lake” and I was impressed how he enjoyed the dramatic music and dancing. But during our winter break, he had been very busy with new business offers to prepare that we hardly had the time to go out. So, I chose a night for us to have a relaxing time together and I found some of my favourite videos to watch. It was a Live Concert; A Rachmaninoff piano piece played by the young boy Nobuyuki Tsujii from Japan. Because of the young musician’s background and the depth of emotion in which he played the piano, he stirred my husband to tears with his great passion for what he loved. If we are passionate about the things we love, we find happiness and can touch others with the way we feel.

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