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As with most cases in life, it may take time to evolve your true Purpose in life. But if we already know what our dreams are, it makes ideas to work toward that goal so much easier and visualization can create your reality. When we do what we enjoy, and what makes us happy, motivation is a task force.

Knowledge is power and unfortunately, dreams do not happen while we sitting around waiting. In my experience, I did not become an author without putting pen to paper. I did not become a BestSelling Author without learning how to achieve that. With everything we do to succeed, we need to invest in ourselves. I asked, and often got refused but I kept asking and asking and it eventually led to a Mentor Jack Canfield,  http://www.jackcanfield.com who inspired me to bring out the best in who I was. Search for like-minded individuals whom you can relate to and that are already successful in the market you are looking to succeed. Do what they do, learn their ways and you will fast track your goals and move along to achieve your dream. A Life Purpose is a mindset of sharing what you know and past on motivation so others are inspired to do the same.

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