THE MISSION: Enlightenment

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THE MISSION: Enlightenment When we become responsible, we realize how futile it is to complain and play the blame game. We make the choice and decide what it is that we need and how to move on from there. If you had gone through a divorce like I had, So much appreciation is an […]


THE MISSION: Responsibility

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THE MISSION: Responsibility I know all too well what anger and frustration can do to you. There are no clear vision and direction and we are prone to repeating the same mistakes because we are blind. Responsibility means to; Give up excuses, Give up blaming, Give up complaining, and take control of your life. […]



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THE MISSION – Change When we are challenged, our ability to survive goes into action. If we want things to improve our lives, we should be willing to make changes. I personally began to understand what successful people meant when they talked about, “Your Truth”. I was able to face reality and express my true […]



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GIVE OURSELVES A BREAK Do not live in self-doubt or the believe that nothing is possible. No person can make it alone, so ask for help. Strength is not aggression but he who endures and wish ill on no one, that is an admirable character in showing the beauty of a truly strong person. This world […]



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DEFINE YOURSELF Yes, I am a Dreamer. But what you Project, is what you Attract. All my life I act upon the feelings of Freedom and live life on Purpose. I took the Success Principles to heart and always worked hard on improving but I never once considered giving up or walking away from […]


ILLUMINATE; Your Success As A Family

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ILLUMINATE; Your Success As A Family Throughout history, Success was influenced by strong families taking the lead. Success is not Power but Balance in all areas of life. We thus gain in wisdom to Inspire others to grow. Strong families encourage Unity in Society and evolve into more family success that allows all to gain. […]



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A DATE WITH DESTINY Once you know what your PURPOSE is, set your goals and do not ever walk away from your Dreams. Most people go unfulfilled through life and are never happy since all they do, is going through the motions. Hollywood week gave me a lot of gratitude. I realized even more […]


Romay Cupido – A Dream Come True

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Romay Cupido – A Dream Come True It’s All About LOVE for what you do! Dreams enable you to go to sleep in peace and wake up excited to start your day. For me, my process started with the decision to own my future with a Focused Plan. I went after what I wanted […]


Joshua Aragon – Your Greatness

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Joshua Aragon – Your Greatness Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 44 Your Greatness – Having too much on your plate can hold you back from real accomplishments. Remember you can only be really good at one thing due to the limited hours in a day – don’t dilute your greatness. Focus on what’s […]


George Ritcheske – True Leadership

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George Ritcheske – True Leadership Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 43 True Leadership – When we are mentored with Values-Based leadership principles, we approach responsibilities with positive energy and a can-do attitude. We accelerate in professional growth, competence, confidence and character strength. Under a True Mentor – A True Leader – We Flourish and […]