THE MISSION: Responsibility

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THE MISSION: Responsibility

I know all too well what anger and frustration can do to you. There are no clear vision and direction and we are prone to repeating the same mistakes because we are blind. Responsibility means to; Give up excuses, Give up blaming, Give up complaining, and take control of your life.

When I decided to move on, it was the reality of dealing with issues, resentment and acceptance. This was a great weight off my shoulders because of the awakening of who I wish to be and the consciousness of where I was and where I needed to be. I had clarity about what I needed and what was best for me. My dreams came alive with the importance to never give up. It stimulated action and the influence to associate with like-minded individuals. The support I needed was a great part of building the relationships to move up and achieve my desired goals. It takes great strength to be humble but there is no better feeling than knowing that kindness is not a weakness and you serve yourself well for being authentic.   Like:   Follow:   Like:


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