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I am such a softy, but I do prefer to be a girl in this hard world with two precious men who guards over me. I am appreciated for the person that I am and I am respected for what I am contributing to their lives. Even though my days are craft out with so much to do in my personal business, there are my daily duties to my family that does not ever get overlooked. This morning my husband told me how beautiful I was, we had coffee together and our day always starts with a prayer to give us perspective in gratitude.

I keep all his notes he usually leaves for me when I am still asleep at times when he has to go, like a woman who treasure the heart it is from. By now most of us had set our goals for the year, and we as a family focus on our plans so we have the vision to stay positive. My family is my biggest support and my husband is my biggest fan. They inspire me and are the main reason I have so much spirit and energy with a great desire to give to others.

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